Toni Costanzi is going to be HUGE!

Hailing from the beautiful Italy, Toni Costanzi has been on a mission to bring the world some unreal beats and quality mixes since launching his career at the age of 15. Quickly rising through the ranks with a series of bootlegs and originals like “Bomboclvt”, labels like Plasmapool quickly took notice of this star in the making.

Toni continues to show off some of his best work as he blends his past influences with electronic house to create an infectious vibe that fans simply can’t get enough of. He notably joined fellow talented artists Miles Dyson on his label, making it quite clear that the sky is the limit for his unique sound, and we’re sure there is more to come from his studio!

After catching our ear with his releases that dropped earlier this year, we wanted to catch up with Toni for a look into his history, his thoughts on the scene, and more. Looking for hear more about him!


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