Deejay Rupp is back with another great vocal dance music video. Top music production and dreamy vocals that will sure capture EDM fans and radio world wide.

Deejay Rupp sends special thanks to @madisonpaige and @renegades_ for such an amazing performance in the video.

Thanks everybody who is streaming

Are you happy now?

Now that it’s all fucked up.

Am I what you came for?

Am I what you came for?

And all I ever wanted was LOVE

All I ever wanted was…

Deejay Rupp Happy Now

Director: David Zennie
Executive Producer: Yoseph Basha
DP: Brett Kerr

About Deejay Rupp

Dillon Rupp, better known as Deejay Rupp, is a 19-year old DJ, rapper, and producer from Evansville, Indiana. He developed an early interest in hip hop music while he was a junior in high school, experimenting with different music programs and production equipment in his grandfather’s spare bedroom.
In 2014, Rupp moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of a larger career in music, after already hitting a #1 on iTunes with his debut track “Indiana” Since then, he’s released multiple tracks featuring collaborations alongside Tha Joker, Kyle Massey, Skate, Jack & Jack, and others.
He has performed over 200 shows and festivals all over the world, with artists like JLO, Demi Lovato, Rae Sremmurd, Kid Ink, Tyga, Travis Scott, and more.

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