Promoted Post BannerCan you recall the golden era of trance music, and its pure, magical journey? Many producers would agree that the creativity during that time was on a different level. Nowadays, even when remixing popular tracks, it’s challenging to maintain the original sound and emotions. But when artists achieve it, it’s usually extraordinary. That’s precisely what Sean Tyas aimed to do when he decided to take a trip down memory lane and remix Ralphie B‘s a.k.a. Midway‘s track.


Nearly two decades ago, the iconic track “Amazon” was released on the In Trance We Trust label, which was born out of Black Hole Recordings 25 years ago. Since then, it has remained one of the holy grail tunes. Recreating a new version without most of the remix parts was challenging, but it brought joy and fun to Sean. Considering this epic release is 500th release of In Trance We Trust Sean made sure to create a perfect tribute to this legendary track.

With a slower tempo, but still retaining the hard-hitting beats, euphoric melodies, and soaring synths that make it a classic, Sean Tyas has made “Amazon” more accessible to a wider range of DJs. Sean has always been committed to satisfying as many people as possible, and this was certainly on his mind when he took on the task of remixing this track. If you haven’t already, be sure to give it a listen and decide for yourself if he accomplished his goal:


01. Midway – Amazon (Sean Tyas Remix)
02. Midway – Amazon (Sean Tyas Extended Mix)

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