J-Rob MD – Can’t Stop Thinking About You

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Grade One View Music Presents: “Can’t Stop Thinking About You” , The Latest track From Genre-Bending DJ/Producer J-Rob MD

J-Rob MD returns again with his latest EP “Trouble”, featuring three new tracks which demonstrate his continued evolution in the dance music universe. “With this EP I wanted to combine retro and modern elements, analog and digital, and bring it all together in a way that is complete fresh and unique.” The latest single, “Can’t Stop Thinking About You” features electric and acoustic guitar work by J-Rob MD himself, blended with elements of tropical house, soaring vocals, and a booming rhythmic drop. The end result is an incredible track unlike anything out there today, but that still remains dance floor and radio friendly.

This latest EP without question represents J-Rob MD’s best work to date. After only one short year on the dance music scene, he has already made a huge impact with his genre-bending melodic house music, and we are certain that fans, blogs, radio, and dance floors around the world will love this EP even more than the last.

J-Rob MD

Contact: Justin Busch (JustinRBusch@yahoo.com), President: Grade One View Music

Label: Grade One View Music: www.gradeoneviewmusic.com

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instagram: @jrob_md


J Rob MD web Bio

“Sometimes it’s melodic house, sometimes it’s prog house, and sometimes it’s hard to classify.”

And that’s just the way J-Rob MD likes it. “I’ve always been much more concerned with writing great songs than sticking strictly to one genre. I don’t always need the biggest drops… but I always try to create the biggest songs.” Drawing inspiration from all corners of the electronic music universe, J-Rob MD’s slick blend of genre-bending dance music is sure to keep you guessing, which is just the way he likes it. “There’s so much great music out there, sometimes I’m feeling a deep house track, the next day it’s a soaring trance anthem, and sometimes it’s a dance pop song. So when I sit down in the studio, I just like to go where the vibe takes me.” And that vibe has led to a fast rise through the scene, finding J-Rob MD’s music supported by radio stations and DJ’s across the globe. J-Rob MD’s passionate dedication to the craft of writing great dance music is sure to keep his songs on dancefloors around the world.

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