Don’t Skip Releases encouraging New single ‘Lovesong’

Don’t Skip is thrilled to announce the release of their new single ‘Lovesong’, which is out now!

Lovesong is not your typical lovesong. It’s a dance/pop tune about someone who has a taste for happiness, but who is struggling to feel it. In the chorus he calls out to his fellow souls to fix the lack of love in this world. The track is created to make a heavy heart a little lighter. Influenced by elements of chill house with traces of acid it shows a more intimate side of Don’t Skip.

Their previous single ‘Blue Skies’ was shared on more than 300 playlists on Spotify. While ‘Lovesong’ has a different vibe the duo hopes for the same overwhelming support.

Don‘t Skip are Harald Bruijstens and Serge Meulenberg, a Dutch music production
duo by two very different musicians that create a signature sound of melodic dance
and pop tunes, built on vibrant guitar riffs and captivating vocals.
Serge is a guitar player that loves to work out simple but catchy melodies. Harald is
a songwriter and vocalist currently exploring his production skills.

Creating music is like creating a world out of thin air, a world where pop music can
be inspired by the shadow side of the soul, mixed with elements of dance music to
dance your troubles away. That‘s all they want to do, share their creations with all
those out there that vibrate to the same frequency.


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